Nallanna Vellyk

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Full Name: Nallana Vellyk
Common Name(s): Nal, Nalla
Titles: Captain of the Republic’s 37th Infantry, Dark Operations Division, aka “Shadow Squad” (formerly)
Role: Commando
Ethnicity: Mirialan
Planet of Origin: Mirial
Homeworld: Mirial
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Height: 186cm / 6’1"
Weight: 100 kg / 220 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Green
Measurements: 40-34-44

Physical Description:

Nal is your typical Amazonian. She’s tall, broad-shouldered, and toned, as well as extremely well-muscled from years of military training and hefting a heavy plasma cannon around. Her skin is a chartreuse green which her shaggy red pixie-styled hair and deep blue eyes compliment nicely. She has multiple scars scattered over her body; some faint, others more prominent. Her current Mirialan markings cover both cheeks and the center of her forehead, though her hair usually covers most of the ones on her forehead. She also has similar markings running down the back of her neck, over both collarbones, along her spine…and a single mark over her heart.

Psychological Profile

First Glance:
At first glance, Nal has swagger for days. She’s attractive, physically strong, and intelligent…and she knows it. She projects confidence, bordering on arrogance, which is tempered by her laid-back demeanor and good humor. Upon first meeting her, it is highly likely that someone would find themselves thinking she would make an excellent person to have a drink with…amongst other things.

Personal Strengths:
- Nal is very quick thinking, most of the time, and able to adapt to change very efficiently in the spur of the moment—this was one of the reasons she was assigned to the Shadow Squad for Dark Ops during her tenure in the Republic military.

- Nal, despite being a military muscle, also has a very intelligent and creative mind. She loves to indulge herself in her hobbies: reading, singing, and speeders (she’s quite the gearhead when it comes to vintage and performance speeders).

- Nal loves a good joke, and will be quick to throw out a witty one-liner.

Personal Weaknesses:
- Nal is often overly confident of her own abilities. It is the number one reason she sports as many scars as she does. Her fighting prowess is quite high, however, the more she feels “in the zone” the more likely she is to press a perceived advantage or risky tactic to win…and frequently her body pays the price.

- Nal has a strong distrust of jedi in general, for personal reasons. She thinks that anyone with the ability to alter people’s thoughts against their will should not be trusted. She has met a few jedi that she deems to be “good people,” but as a whole she is not a fan of the Order.

- Nal has also grown to distrust government and upper brass military officials as well. After years of following orders she disagreed with at the behest of those in charge, often loosing squad members and gravely injuring herself in the process, she was finally able to quit after her last mission almost killed her. She was given an honorary discharge and several medals then promptly forgotten about by the brass.

Character Flaws:
- Nal isn’t as cool and collected as she projects herself to be. She has encountered a number of horrible events, both before her service and during, little of which she will admit to. She has little experience of processing her emotions or working through psychological trauma. She is much more likely to deny her feelings altogether and distract herself until whatever she was feeling dissipates enough to be bottled up and hidden away. Usually this isn’t over problematic, as years of denial and distraction have tamped down most of the more common issues, and even if they are triggered, it is more likely she’ll just come across as an ass. This can be very problematic, however, if the more traumatic issues are triggered, causing her to tailspin erratically.

- Nal occasionally suffers from night terrors. It was one of the reasons she almost never allowed anyone to actually sleep with her, usually leaving any sexual partners shortly after their trysts were finished. She was not the type to stay the night or allow another to stay the night with her…until recently.

- Nal believed intimacy to be a personal weakness, usually keeping others at arms length. She was quick to become loose friends with others, but very reserved at becoming “friends”, even with those to whom she was attracted. Though she is selective of her romantic partners and seeks out those to whom she feels something more than just a physical connection, she usually attempts to distance herself if she feels herself becoming too attached. This has kept her from forming any lasting romantic bonds, as she usually ends up pushing them away…until recently.

Personality Quirks:
- Nal loves bourbon. Any whiskey, really, but especially bourbon.

- Nal loves scars and meaningful body markings. She believes body markings to be part of a person’s essence—who they are, how they view the galaxy, and what they’ve done. She is very proud of all of her scars and markings.


Known Family ( Relationship )
- Elyaa Nuryev (Bondmate)
- Mysandre Rysok (Biological Neice)
- Kellan (Biological Mother, deceased)
- Narryk (Biological Father, deceased)
- Kerryk (Biological Brother, estranged)

Allies ( Relationship )
- Keiv Zakivian (Male Human, former Jedi Battlemaster who bonded with Nal through combat and various physical and emotional trials. Over time they became lukots—a form of friendship held sacred by Mirialans who follow the old ways.)

- Freemaa Northstar (Female Human, former Jedi who Nal pursued a tryst with, that, over time, became more. )

- Lord Omaran Vladoc (Female Sith Pureblood, former Lord of the Sith who spared Nal’s life in exchange for her help in defeating another sith lord towards the end of her military career. In the process of doing so, the two developed a begrudging respect for each other.)

- Tygana Gitan (Female Cathar, smuggler and gun runner. The two had a brief fling many years ago that tempered into a lasting friendship, despite Tygana’s less than legal occupations.)

Rivals ( Relationship )
- Nissu’hura’nuhona / Uhuran (Female Chiss, imperial agent responsible for the deaths of almost every member of Nal’s unit, and who gave her the injuries that got her discharged from the military and almost killed her. After being captured by Uhuran and tortured for days, Nal was rescued by the Banner and was finally able to kill Uhuran.)

- Master Rynna Kal / Kalrynna (Female Human, jedi master who forced her brother, Keryk, into the Order, and forced her into the Republic military; the person most responsible for her distrust of jedi.)

Companions ( Relationship )
- Lara Nyko (Female Human / sidekick)
- Tryce (Male Jawa / sidekick)



It almost never rained on Mirial. Snow, yes, but not rain. It was a cold, dry planet who’s white crags contrasted sharply with the greens of its citizen’s skin. The days on Mirial were almost as warm as Tattooine in some of the more barren deserts, but the nights could be frighteningly cold to anyone not adapted to the daily climate shifts. This harsh planet is where Nallanna Vellyk was born.[/justify]

The youngest child of Narryk and Kellan Vellyk, Nallanna spent her first few years in the loving embrace of her parents and older brother, Kerryk, living in a small tribal settlement not terribly far from the city-state of Somunara, nestled deep in the Ulonda Mountains. Both of her parents were greatly respected warriors of their tribe, and began teaching Nalla and Kerryk how to fight and hunt and all the other traditions they were expected to follow from the time they could walk.

By the age of 7, Kerryk began to exhibit Force sensitivity, but hid it from the rest of their tribe. Force sensitives would be either sent to the Keryon Tichgeda—the Spirit Academy—in the capitol of Dupree or, worse, to the Jedi Academy on Tython. Kerryk had no desire to leave his family, so he hid his abilities from everyone—including their parents, everyone except Nalla.

In addition to her warrior’s training, Nalla loved to read her father’s books and help her mother with the engine repairs she would constantly be conducting on their aged speeder. Her mother would often sing as she worked, and Nalla loved to sing with her. Despite the harsh climate of their planet and meager possessions of their family, both Nalla and Kerryk had relatively happy, if brief, childhoods in their village.

Had they lived in Somunara or one of the other city-states—Forriss or Dupree, or had possessed the wealth required otherwise, both Nalla and Kerryk would have been sent to one of the Institutions before their 5th birthday and would have never had to see their parent’s deaths. Unfortunately, they were not wealthy and lived too far from Somunara to qualify as citizens, so at the ages of 12 and 9, respectively, both children bore witness to their parents’ gruesome end when their village was attacked by a rival tribe.


When the battle was over, few of their tribe were left alive, and most of their village was nothing but smoldering rubble. After the ashes of their parents’ pyres were cold, and they had spoken the proper words to send their parents’ souls to join the Spirits, the two young orphans left the charred remnants of their home and their childhoods behind. Eventually they found their way to a tribe of nomads and, after proving they were decent fighters despite their young age in aiding in the defense of a caravan from raiders, were allowed to travel with the nomads.

Nalla and Kerryk continued to train together, practicing all that they’d been taught, and both grew in their abilities. As the years went by, the siblings were inseparable. They each held the other’s hands when they received their first honor marks. When one would wake in the night reliving the nightmare of their parent’s deaths and their village burning, the other would hold them until they could sleep again.

So, eight years after the attack on their village, when Jedi Master Kalrynna led a team to recover a high-profile Imperial defector who’d fled to Mirial and stumbled upon a powerful Force-sensitive in the process, just as he had as a child, Kerryk refused to abandon Nalla to go with them. Master Kalrynna, however, would not accept his refusal. Knowing that the Empire’s agents were already near, Kalrynna could not leave the young man to instead be taken by the Sith Lord leading them. Despite his protests, Kalrynna ordered Kerryk taken. When Kerryk and Nalla fought back, the Jedi Master deployed her mastery of Force-fueled mind manipulation to stop them. She would argue it was to keep from having to physically harm or kill them.

Whatever her reasons, Nalla would never forget the feeling of having her will stripped from her and watching as the fire in her brother’s eyes were also snuffed out. By the time her will was her own again, the jedi and her brother were long gone, and she found herself alone in the holding cell of a Republic naval ship bound for Hoth. She’d been, in essence, pressed into the army just as much as her brother had been into the Order. She has never seen him again.

That was the last day for a long time that Nalla was Nalla. Even after her village was destroyed and her parents killed, she could still call Kerryk home. So she hardened herself. Caring too much was weakness, it led only to pain and loss. She would hold others at arms length, swearing she would not suffer in that way again. Now, truly homeless and alone for the first time in her life, she had to learn to make her own way with the poor hand she’d been dealt.


With nowhere else to go, nothing to her name but the clothes on her body and the marks on her face and back, she resigned herself to her fate. What other choice did she really have? And, after all, she was accustomed to rigorous physical training. Her adaptability and combat prowess proved valuable to the Republic, and after a time, she found herself rising in the ranks until reaching Captain. Eventually, a commanding officer recommended her for special assignment. And thus she found herself leading the 37th Infantry’s Dark Ops “Shadow Squad.”

Shadow Squad was an elite covert ops unit, often working alongside SIS to provide the muscle and firepower for delicate operations that could not be officially sanctioned. For 5 years Nal—as she was called now—led her unit in over 300 covert ops, achieving success in each one, no matter the cost. As the years went on, however, Nal disagreed more and more with the missions Shadow Squad was ordered to carry out. They were increasingly risky and, often, she felt the risks involved greatly outweighed the potential value to the Republic of achieving their objective. She began to disagree more vocally with the brass, and would have sought discharge had it not been for the bond she held with her unit.

Three years ago, however, that bond was severed when Shadow Squad was all but demolished in their final mission. They were sent to recover a Republic defector before he could be picked up by Imperial agents. The brass told Shadow Squad the defector had stolen invaluable codes that had to be recovered before they fell into Imperial Intelligence’s hands. Nal and her unit reached the defector at the same time that the Imperial Intelligence’s agent did and a fierce fight ensued. Their Chiss opponent was an elite Cipher Agent leading a team of elite Imperial Commandos who ambushed Shadow Squad as they surrounded the defector.

Despite their best efforts, Shadow Squad’s tactical disadvantage proved too high to overcome. The Imperials cut them down. As she lay gravely wounded amongst her dead and dying men, the Chiss approached Nal, laughing mirthlessly, and held her blade to her throat. She told Nal how the whole operation had been a trap to rid them Empire of the thorn that had been Shadow Squad. The defector? They didn’t need him. Imperial Intelligence had retrieved the codes he was trying to offer them months before. To prove her point, she executed the defector there on the spot, laughing again as she did.


Unable to defend herself, Nal resolved herself to her fate once more, to die at the hands of the Chiss. But the killing blow never came. Instead the Chiss drug her blade slowly and deliberately across the right side of her face, marring her honor marks and narrowly missing her eye.“So you’ll think of me every time you look in the mirror and remember the sounds of your failure.” she’d whispered in Nal’s ear before she left her to bleed out among the groans of the two of her men still left alive, but even more wounded than she. She soon lost consciousness.

When she awoke, she was in a Republic ICU. She learned that only one other of her unit survived, but it was unlikely that he would ever be able to recover fully, his brain functioning having been greatly damaged. Her own prognosis wasn’t initially much better, and the brass didn’t resist when she requested a medical discharge. They awarded her yet another medal of service and granted her honorable discharge. Soon afterwards, however, all mention of Shadow Squad was buried and “forgotten.”

Injured and once more on her own, Nal focused on healing her body and regaining her strength. The scar running over her eye spurring her to push herself harder every time she looked in the mirror and thought of how her failure to be better, faster, stronger allowed the Chiss agent to slaughter her unit, mark her, and mar her honor.

It took almost a year before she finally felt back in fighting shape, however, she had no one to fight. It was all she’d ever really done, but she’d always had an order or reason to do it. So, when her smuggler friend suggested she take up an odd job providing muscle for a contract her friend was working, Nal agreed. She had nothing better to do, and her savings were running low. She ended up working several jobs with her friend before being hired on to several larger contracts.

For the last two years Nal has been freelance muscle/enforcer/bodyguard for dozens of various less than legal cartels. She was good at fighting, and so long as she kept fighting she didn’t have time to let her demons haunt her—not in her waking hours, anyway. She had long ago learned how to cope with her night terrors…most of the time. It usually involved either training—or other strenuous physical activity—until her mind and body was too exhausted to produce the nightmares…or alcohol. Occasionally both.

When a contact sent her a notice of a vacancy in the Black Banner, one of Nar Shaddaa’s most prominent pirate gangs, Nal decided to fill it. And while she’s only been with the Banner for a short while, it has already proved more lucrative than any of her previous contracts. So, lacking any other greater purpose for the moment, Nal found herself embracing her new life as a pirate. After all…it’s where she met Elyaa…


Elyaa Nuryev was fierce warrior and fellow member of the Black Banner. Meeting the first time Nal ran a job for the Banner, the two quite literally found themselves falling for each other. As the months wore on, they both rose to leadership roles within the Banner, and grew closer to one another. Eventually the two fell in love, but as their bond strengthened the world around them seemed determined to tear them apart.


After almost losing one another time after time, the two married in a Mirialan bonding ceremony, and eventually decided to leave the Banner together and start a new life.

Nallanna Vellyk